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Extreme Engineered
Solutions, Inc.



Extreme Machine and Fabricating has the capabilities of manufacturing products ranging from the fabrication of a single part to the fabrication and assembly of a complete machine or group of machines.


Fabrication ShopFabrication

  • Thin or thick section welding
  • MIG, TIG, and stick welding
  • Welding of ferrous and nonferrous materials
  • Weld overlays including hard facing
  • Weld positioners up to 50,000 pound capacity
  • Fabrications up to 150,000 pounds
  • Nondestructively test welds to insure the highest quality
  • Weld repair existing component
  • Replace damaged components
  • Certified welders with many years' experience

Chock MachiningMachining

  • CNC and traditional machining
  • Turning up to 84 inches in diameter
  • Imperial and Metric Threading
  • Milling up to 12'H x 40'L
  • CAD/CAM programming using 3d models or traditional drawings
  • Machining of components up to 150,000 pounds in weight
  • Runs of multiple parts or single parts
  • Machining of ferrous and nonferrous materials of
    varying composition and hardness
  • Highly qualified and experienced machinists

CMM InspectionInspection

  • Manual Inspection using calibrated tools
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) using drawings or 3d model
  • ¬†CMM inspection of up to 96 inches x 58 inches x 52 inches high
  • Weld inspection using a variety of methods
  • Inspection documentation throughout the entire manufacturing process
  • Inspection tools undergo rigorous calibration and verification processes


  • Assembly of small machine components or complete machines
  • Pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical assembly including plumbing and wiring
  • Assemblies of up to 30 feet in height
  • Assemblies of up to 150,000 pounds