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Welcome to Extreme Machine & Fabricating, Inc.

An Outstanding Source for Fabrication, Machining and Assembly

Extreme Machine & Fabricating, Inc. specializes in custom manufacturing, quality control and CNC machining. We are an international service provider with expert engineering teams and next-generation manufacturing technology.

Since 1995 we have built a reputation in the capital equipment industry for our reliable services and innovative management. Our industry is extremely competitive, and we are proud of our role as the north coast's leading source for machining, engineering, assembly, fabrication, inspection and all related services.

Great Results and Controlled Costs

Versatility is a key component of our success. If you want to control the costs of your project, you need a company that can handle all aspects of the production process from fabrication to inspection. As a leader in heavy plate and steel component fabrication, we invest in new technologies that provide our clients with reliable results while controlling costs.

We operate a 108,000 square foot facility in Hermitage, Pennsylvania with a staff of over 80 manufacturing professionals. Each of our employees takes pride in what they produce, and we share our customers' goals of creating reliable products while controlling expenditures.

Extreme Machine & Fabricating, Inc.'s team-oriented approach ensures consistent quality. Our precision machining teams work to meet client specifications while guaranteeing on-time delivery, and our expert assembly team offers a full set of services for all types of projects. We recognize the importance of keeping our clients informed, and Extreme Machine & Fabricating, Inc.'s customer service always creates accurate turnaround estimates and straightforward price quotes.

Extreme Machine & Fabricating, Inc. is your business's source for state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and an optimized return on investment. If you're ready to get started, request a quote today or contact our customer service team to discuss your next project.